With over 50 years combined roasting experience, and a team of extensive cafe managers and World Class baristas, there's no doubt what's on offer here. 

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As seasoned coffee professionals, we live and breathe coffee and all that surrounds the experience. We revel in searching for the best beans across the globe, the endless creativity in developing new flavors and above all nurturing the ever-unfolding relationships with our suppliers and customers alike.

From ‘crop to cup’ Master Roaster/ Founder Scott Jones combines almost 30 years of coffee expertise in sourcing, roasting and creating blends, with the latest technology to push new boundaries in the development of premium artisan coffees.

For too long, we spent our time roasting under the guise of others. Choosing to remain behind the scenes, roasting to meet the needs of those who wanted to provide excellent coffee to cafes, but didn't have the funding or time to invest deeply in roasting themselves. This was a wonderful time of which we got to engage with many different styles of companies who were each uniquely servicing cafe's in different ways, but of course, being behind the scenes leaves you wanting more. 

So in 2013 Black Drum Roasters was conceived. Scott teamed with highly regarded Café owner Kevin Crouse. So by tapping into their combined passion and geekiness for coffee, Scott and Kevin create and share a refreshingly personalized approach to the premium coffee experience. Since then the team has continued to grow, recruiting young fire into the roasting squad with Joel Minnich and more recently Simon Cunliffe-Jones working alongside the long term head of dispatch & warehouse king Ian Kelaart. Peter Andrews joined the growing team bringing a wealth of competition standard barista skills, cafe management experience across multiple coffee roasting companies locally and in the US. He is Black Drum's friendly but firm point of contact for all our well looked after Black Drum customers. This budding team share a love for all things coffee.

With a mission to consistently provide exceptional blends with exceptional service and support, at Black Drum – there is no rehearsal.

The Black Drum Team

Scott Jones
Master Roaster & CEO

Name: Scott, friends call me Scotty
Age: Argh! Better not asking.
Favourite Brew Method:  Chemex and Kalita. I enjoy the process involved.  Often I choose the Chemex when I have friends and family over. They join me in the kitchen as I brew. It’s a way of sharing and inviting them into my passion.
Favourite Origin: Wow, tough one. They each have their moments and seasons. My early days in coffee it was Centrals such as Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, El Salvador. Now Ethiopians and Kenyans.

So imagine you're a new addition to the crayon box, what colour would you be and why? Well I am not a very good drawer so a crayon sounds the way to go. I like blues - a light Aqua Blue - reminds me of water which to me is foundational or key to all life - refreshing and inviting to look at, it can be used to enhance and grow as well as make many things - including coffee.

A Summary of the Head Honcho..: 
From helping establish and create some of Australia’s most iconic coffee brands, including Danes, Pablo and Rusty's, and Holy Goat to developing his own award-winning signature blend, he’s the master roaster business owners turn to for all their coffee production needs. 

Scott has founded several premium specialty coffee brands such as Danbrew, AIR and Ai Coffee and consulted in the blend development and production management of the Australian success stories Michelle's Patisserie and Gloria Jean's Coffee. His discerning palate and expertise in cupping and roasting has been internationally recognised as he roasted the coffee for Paul Bassett to win the 2003 WBC and Sammy Piccolo who placed 3rd in 2005. 

Described by Crema magazine as a “master roaster” and BeanScene Magazine as “some of the best talent the country has to offer” Scott marries his passion for the artisanal side of coffee with cutting edge technology. As a coffee innovator he is on the forefront of bringing a micro roaster coffee purist sensibility to new coffee products such as Nespresso compatible capsules, ready-to-drink caffeinated beverages and the infamous mint and lime infused cold-brewed mojito mocktail. 

Scott’s fierce commitment to quality sees him travelling to the finest producers of green beans in places such as Brazil, El Salvador, Hawaii, Vanuatu and India. He has installed a turn-key roaster plant in Canada, designed roast profiles in the US, established a retail brand in Korea and a wholesale distributer in China in addition to establishing several roasting facilities in Australia.

As founder of Black Drum Roasters Scott now focuses on the strategic direction and growth of the business particularly spearheading the development of specialty coffee in the Asia Pacific region. As a thought leader in the coffee industry, Scott uses his exacting standards to champion consistently excellent coffee whilst empowering new brands to thrive. 

Kevin Crouse
Head Trainer & Quality Control

Name: K-Rouse/Kev Snr
Age: Older than you'd think
Favourite Brew Method: Aeropress w KoHi labs filter
Favourite Origin: Ethiopian

If you were indefinately on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring? 
Leatherman, Kalita wave pourover kit, iPad (with solar-power kit).


Who is Kevin? 

God? maybe... But until we know for sure, we'll keep looking to this guy to be everywhere. With a pure passion to see Black Drum Roasters attain great success, Kevin does everything in his power to work all things for good. From pulling up the staff into greatness with his extreme standards for excellence in everything, to relaxing with a beer on a Friday afternoon once the week is done. This man keeps us moving forward and accomplishing goals. Often found in the lab, tasting and assessing our roasts, making notes and checking it twice, he keeps us feeling assured that every bag of beans we produced, is worthy of the cup it will land in.

Joel Minnich
Production/Warehouse Manager

Name: Altitude/Maverick
Age: 2 days older than Pete
Favourite Brew Method: Chemex
Favourite Origin: Kenya ('kenya gimme some citrus')

If you could be a box of cereal, what would you be and why? 
Reese's Puffs - because I eat so many my mom says I'll turn into them someday. 


Joel in 30 seconds:

If Scott is the Mastermind, then that must make Joel the muscle. Falling into the world of coffee after completing his degree in a totally un-related subject, he hasn't looked back. With the challenges of finding and roasting coffees that taste great, managing the stock in and out and being ever aware of the price of each bean, Joel is crucial in seeing our customers get consistently great tasting blends, and slinging those ever increasing, unique flavours from specialty singles.

Simon Cunliffe-Jones
Head Roaster

Name: Altitude #2
Age: Currently Undisclosed
Favourite Brew Method: V60
Favourite Origin: Kenya

Have you ever been on a boat? 
My father loved all forms of public transportation. I've been on the Manly ferry and the rivercat from Parramatta to Circular Quay countless times. My most memorable boat trips were the 3 times I travelled on the spirit of Tasmania.

A bit about Simon: 

A local to the Black Drum team, Simon has spent many years working his butt off as a barista, diving into the depths of making great coffee for the masses. After spending a few years in what may be considered the toughest years of his life thus far - working as a barista for Kev.. Simon has followed his instincts and grasped the challenge of turning that barista skill into a life of roasting. With a true desire to source and roast incredible coffees, push boundaries and explore the possibilities of coffee, it's an exciting privilege to have him working with Joel to keep the wheels turning. 

Peter Andrews
Sales & Legendary Barista

pete face shot 1.jpg

Name: Princess/Kev Jnr
Age: 2 days younger than Joel
Favourite Brew Method: Hario V60
Favourite Origin: Guatemala

Can you instruct someone how to make an origami 'cootie catcher' with just words? 
 First, locate a piece of paper. Then get a pen and write on it the words 'Origami Cootie Catcher'. You now have an origami cootie catcher.

Tell me more:

Having spent 8 years working in several coffee roasting companies and award winning cafes, Pete has landed the dream job working with us. Spending his days visiting our customers, exploring Sydney and NSW drinking coffee all over, he's our go-to guy for the know on whats happening in the Sydney cafe scene. Having competed & judged in Australian barista comps, spending 3 years training and helping launch specialty coffee companies in the USA and previously lead a rival coffee roaster's flagship cafe into the status of '2 cup' as their head barista in 2010, he truly brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding not only to the Black Drum team, but more importantly to our customers. 



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