Australian International Coffee Awards

Australian International Coffee Awards 2016

We are excited to announce our great result from the recent coffee awards conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) the Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA). These awards are the first and only international coffee roasting competition in Australia, receiving 658 entries from 143 local and international coffee roasters in 2016, including coffees from New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Canada, USA and UK. 

We entered a few of our favourites to see what would happen, and the boys behind the roaster are happy with the results. Here's how it went down:

3/4 Blend
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Bronze Medal - 3/4 Blend
Category: Cappuccino - Dairy Milk

Definitely one of the favourites when you ask around the office, with tasting notes like white chocolate, apricot, butterscotch and Brazil nuts, who could blame it. A very intriguing and complex coffee that is built on a Micro Region Brazil from 3 Brothers which is accented by exotic Ethiopian, Kenyan and Central American coffees. Each of these coffees has been selected after rigorous cupping of single origins and a number of blending trials.

Kenya Espresso
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Bronze Medal - Kenya AA+
Category: Espresso & Plunger - Single Origin

Everyone loves a good Kenyan, known for their bright acidity, this one doesn't fail to deliver. So it was no surprise to find it pulled in a couple medals! Being a fair-trade coffee and scoring highly, this coffee has been grown at 1400-1700 metres above sea level. The green bean was fully washed, which leads to a beautifully clean cup. Juicy, crisp green apple acidity surrounds flavours of honey & blackcurrant. The body is silky and smooth leading into a long, sweet toffee finish.

Silver Medal - Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 1
Category: Pour Over - Single Origin

Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries... I sat down one morning to eat my breakfast not long after first tasting this coffee, and could've sworn the blueberries on my weetbix were our Sidamo Grade 1.  From a small collection of farms resting a comfortable 1950m above sea level, the nutrients of the volcanic soils together with the beans going through the natural process, brings about a delightfully rich, sweet and juicy Ethiopian that’ll keep coffee lovers coming back for more. This coffee is all about the blueberry. Surrounded by an orange-like acidity, notice the development of subtle chocolate notes followed by sweet florals on the finish.  

So if you are a lover of tasty coffee, hop over to our online store and buy yourself a treat. Use the code AICA2016 to score yourself free shipping on all orders until May 31st, 2016.

Congratulations Joel, Simon & Scott for all the hard work on the roaster over the past year! We look forward to pulling in some more goodies next year!!

Peter Andrews

Sydney, NSW