Kenya AA+ Single Origin

About the Bean

Location:     Muranga & Machakos - Central Province
Estate:         Iyego Farmers Co-Op
Elevation:     1400 - 1700m
Varietals:     SL 28 - Ruiru 11
Process:         Fully Washed


Tasting Notes:    Juicy, sweet cup with honey notes up front. Blackcurrant & green apple acidity with a silky, long toffee finish.

Kenyan coffee’s are known for their clarity and bright acidities, often being described with words like ‘juicy’ and ‘citrus’. This one is no different. Being a fair-trade coffee and scoring highly, this has been grown at 1400-1700 metres above sea level. The green bean was fully washed, which leads to a beautifully clean cup. Juicy, crisp green apple acidity surrounds flavours of honey & blackcurrant. The body is silky and smooth leading into a long, sweet toffee finish.  We love Kenyan coffees and hope you enjoy this wonderful coffee. 




Ratio: 14:1 (water to coffee)
Dose:  18 grams
Temp:  90 Degrees
Water:  250 grams

Bloom:  30 Seconds
All in:  1:45
Finish Drip:  2:30 - 2:45

The pourover is brewed through a paper filter, this will result in a very clean cup with a mouthfeel and structure a lot like tea, as the oils, which create body and mouthfeel, are removed by the paper filter. 

This method is the most used by the staff here are black drum, should you want any pointers feel free to reach out and ask! 


Long Espresso:

Brewing filter roast through your Espresso Machine... 

Dose:  21.5 grams
Grind:  Finer than Traditional Espresso
Temp:  92 Degrees
Yield:  45-48 grams in the cup
Time:  26 Seconds

This is a fairly new method in how to brew coffee.. We'd only advise using filter through espresso if you like your coffee black, with a higher acidity and lower body. A very bright and clean cup.  Generally speaking, you will grind substantially finer than your classic espresso roasts. 



For our espresso roast, we advise the following parameters to get the best result in the cup.

Dose:  23 grams

Temp:  93  Degrees
Yield Weight:  30-34 grams in the cup
Yield Volume: 50-60 mL in the cup including crema
Time:  26 Seconds

This coffee will have a Rich, bright acidity, with a Syrupy, Velvet mouthfeel and plenty of sweetness. Best served black but will hold it's own in smaller amounts of milk!


Peter Andrews

Sydney, NSW