Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Konga Grade 1

Location:  Yirgacheffe
Co-op:   Konga
Elevation:  1950m
Varietals:  Heirloom
Process:  Fully Washed
Harvest: October - January

Tasting Notes:   Jasmine, Black Tea, Citrus

Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, has over 1.1 million coffee farmers that make up the various cooperatives. Most of these are located in the south and west of the country. The varieties grown in the region are known as Heirloom, which is a mix of the native Typica hybrids and new varietals of old strains. The classic Yirgacheffe coffees are known for their clean, floral and acidity - being driven washed coffees with high quality sun drying practices, unique fruit and berry flavours burst through. All cooperatives in Ethiopia belong to a Union which mills, grades, sells and exports the coffee.

The Konga Cooperative, considered to be one of the more successful cooperatives in the area, has a very well organized washing station located at 1850 masl, in the heart of Yirgacheffe. The cooperative is made up of over 1500 small farmers. The average size of each farm is 1.25 acres, on which coffee and various foods for the local markets are grown in rich and substantial volcanic soils. 

At Black Drum, and industry wide, Ethiopian coffee's always go down a treat, their floral and berry notes with nice balanced & round acidities make them a beauty in the cup whether for espresso or brewed as a filter. Here are our notes for some pointers when brewing up BDR's roasts:

Espresso Roast:
Roast Profile: Medium-light
Dose: 23.0g
Yield: 38g
Time: 27 secs

Ratio: 1.65:1 (extracted espresso grams : dry coffee grams)

Note that this is a recipe we have landed on our machine, every machine will vary, find out how many grams fit in your basket allowing for a small amount of clearance from the shower screen, then use the ratio to establish the volume of coffee you should land in your cup!!

Filter Roast:
Roast Profile: Light
Single cup pour-over (V60/Kalita wave etc.):
Dose: 17grams
Water: 290grams
Time: 2:45 (final drips into the cup)

Ratio: 17g:1g (water : dry coffee)

Filter Roast as Espresso
Dose: 21.5g
Yield: 45g
Time: 27 secs

Ratio: 2.1:1 (extracted espresso grams : dry coffee grams)

A delicious option when brewing to drink as an espresso or a long black, beautiful citrus fruits and florals will shine. If you're a milk person, feel free to try it out for something different.

We hope you enjoy this beauty as much as we do, feel free to take the notes above and experiment, we consider these just a starting point., and expect to hear back where people land and the different experiences they get from this wonderful coffee!

Team BDR

Peter Andrews

Sydney, NSW