Great coffee, Simple Solution

One thing we've found at Black Drum is that everyone wants to serve great coffee, whether they are a pumping cafe in the CBD or a Take-away Kiosk in an industrial park. So we went ahead and developed several blends, partnered with equipment, machine servicing and a simple training plan to see the small guys create a delicious cup. 


1. The Coffee

With 4 blends to choose from, ranging from Fruity & Sweet through to Bold, Dark & Rich - There's something for every one. Each blend is roasted under our strict philosphy of Post-blending, where we roast each origin individually, to enhance each component to bring it's best to the blend. Then after the beans cool, we blend and pack. To keep it cost effective, it's all about streamlining, so we ship in boxes of 10 kg's keeping packing, picking and shipping as cheap as possible, so the discounts can pass on to you!  

2. Brand Support

Umbrella's, Barricades, T/A Cups and Packaging. While coffee may be a small part of your business, we believe it's important to show value for what you serve. So we have beautiful royal blue marketing to accompany your choice to serve Broken Bay Coffee. 

3. Equipment

Why stick it out with that shotty machine you bought 4th hand in a back alley partnered with a dying grinder? We'll supply you a brand new Rocket Boxer 2 group and Mazzer Major E grinder. Within the agreed price & regularity of ordering, we will maintain the equipment and keep you making a great drop.  

5. Ongoing Costs

We have done our best to keep all the costs wound up in the price of the coffee we supply. And will provide simple maintenance checklists, your annual service on the machine and technical support over the phone. The only ongoing cost you'll pay is buying coffee, we set up a standing order, weekly or fortnightly. Should an order be cancelled, a service fee will be charged on the next order - we've done everything we can to keep you looked after, so need those coffee sales so we can keep the service up! 

4. Training & Technical Support

We'll provide a 3 hour training session valued at $300 when you sign up, followed by prompt phone support. Our customer support team will drop by periodically to check the machine, taste the coffee and give you a friendly hello. You have a question? just call or email and we'll be sure to get in touch!



The Contract

3 years
$30 per kg