Lets not kid ourselves, brewing espresso has become a monster of measurements and geekiness - and we LOVE it.. However, we also get that you just want a no fuss option before you run out the door to work.. With the following super simple guidelines, we are certain you can land that perfect extraction time and time again. 

Sydney Espresso Dosing

Some Pointers:

  1. Know the weight of coffee your basket will comfortably hold
  2. Figure out the grind setting that will pour a good extraction in 25-30 seconds
  3. Weigh everything. But most importantly, weigh your dose of coffee. 
    • That which can be measured, can be controlled!

Step 2:

When the machine is hot and ready to brew, grind your beans on the finer end of the spectrum. 

Step 1:

Weigh out your beans, on our commercial equipment, we choose 23g. But depending on your equipment, anywhere from 18g-24g can be acceptable. 

Step 4:

Insert Handle and begin extraction.

Step 3:

Dose your ground coffee into the portafilter. Learn a good technique to evenly spread the grounds.



The extraction should come out in 25-30 seconds. From a 23g dose, we shoot for 36g extracted espresso (this would generally be a visual 60mL)




Hario V60 - Calita Wave - Chemex