The French Press / Plunger

To most of us, this is coffee at home. A simple process of 1 scoop of ground coffee per cup going top be served. Add boiling water to the desired amount and brew for as long as you want, the longer the stronger.... Well we are here to change that.


Like all brewing methods, there is a water to coffee ratio, a correct time, a correct grind size and a correct coffee to purchase that will provide the strength and flavour you desire!

What you'll need:

  • 17g of coffee
  • 250mL water
  • 4 minutes

Step 2: Bring water to temp



Step 1: Weigh your beans

1 gram of coffee to every 14mL of water 

We find that a good, normal sized cup is about 240mL.
So in that case, 17grams would do the trick.