6/8 Blend

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barista dose sydney.JPG

6/8 Blend

from 15.00

Tasting Notes:
Dark Chocolate, Stewed Red Plums, Roasted Walnuts

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Roasts:  MONDAY

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A complex and full bodied coffee with exotic chocolates, deep stone fruit and smooth nutty flavours. It boasts a velvety mouth feel and is well rounded, revealing a diverse range of premium coffee origins from Central and South America together with exotic Eastern African coffees. Widely accepted as an all round coffee blend, it performs well in a broad range of espresso beverages and stands out in black coffees.

  • Roast degree: Medium dark
  • Aroma: Chocolate, fruit, nuts
  • Flavour: A well balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate, stewed red plums together with roasted walnuts
  • Body: Velvety
  • Acidity: gentle
  • Finish: Balanced with a long and gentle fade