Colombia Tierradentro Microlot

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Colombia Tierradentro Microlot

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Tasting Notes:
Light fruity white grape, balanced acidity, Black tea

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Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Light fruity aroma
Flavour: White Grape, Light citrus
Body: Well rounded
Acidity: Muted & Balanced

Finish: Black Tea


Bean Info:

Cauca / Popayan / Tierradentro Region
Varietal: Typica, Caturra                  
Altitude: 1800-2300 masl
Process: Washed, sun-dried in raised beds
Packed in 70 kg ProGrain bags

The Tierradentro Reserve was declared a world heritage site by Unesco as a centre of pre-hispanic culture and history for the Inzá people. Having grown coffee there for generations, a group of around 90 Inzá families recently organised independently to achieve organic certification and find new markets for their outstanding beans.

Tierradentro’s altitude and rich volcanic soil and provide ideal conditions for typica and caturra varietals that grow under the shade of avocado and plantain trees. At each farm Inzá families wash and ferment their beans for around 10 hours producing a sweet, aromatic coffee which scores top marks on balance and clean cup.

After sun-drying the farmers take their beans to the community depot to be selected and cupped. The most interesting coffees are singled out to be enjoyed as microlots.