Mexico Finca Kassandra

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Mexico Finca Kassandra

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Tasting Notes:
Chili chocolate with porty notes. Pleasant white wine acidity and a smooth body.

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Location:     Huatusco, Mexico
Estate:         Finca Kassandra
Elevation:    1200-1500m
Varietals:     Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai
Process:       Washed

Tasting Notes: As espresso chili chocolate with porty notes. nice white wine acidity and a smooth body. In filter tastes of chamomile & chili cocoa.


Finca Kassandra is a family owned farm that has been producing some of Mexico’s finest washed arabica’s since Don Guillermo established it in 1996. It has a rich history, and the farm has transformed the landscape which was once void of trees, acting as a cattle ranch. Sitting a comfortable 1200-1500 masl the family has chosen to leave 27 of the 465 hectares to grow wild, allowing a sustainable habitat for native birds and plants.  It's clear that hosting the Rainforest Alliance certification and always searching for new ways to conserve the natural environment while improving their efficiency and quality isn't just about the money, but about looking after their great country. 

Finca Kassandra is an award winning farm, set up so the coffee trees grow under shade trees, where it's hand picked, washed and sorted at the fincas own mills on site. Don Gabriel is now in charge of growing the family business. It is his passion and experience in coffee farming and production that means that the coffee from Finca Kassandra is some of Mexico's best. Here at the roastery, we've found the coffee performs great as espresso or filter, showing tasting notes of Chamomile & chili cocoa when brewed as a filter, or chili chocolate and winey/porty characteristics as an espresso. 

Scott stumbled across this one and snatched up 1 of the 4 bags brought into Australia, and we think it's well worth it! Beginning Roasting on it this week, we'll run it till it's gone!