Single Cup (Kalita Wave, Hario V60 etc.)

What you'll need:

  • Light roast coffee beans 5-21 days off roast
  • Pour over brewer & pouring device
  • Grinder
  • Set of scales
  • Timer/Stopwatch
  • Filtered water heated to 88-93 degrees

What machine do you have at home? A common question directed to many of the staff here at Black Drum. Aside from Kev and his crazy coffee closet (you should ask for a photo) All of us others are likely to answer something along the lines of "a hand grinder & pour-over..." With the ability to produce a super clean cup, highlighting all the delicate flavours that get lost in the intensity of espresso while being tidy, clean and having minimal wastage, this method is a no brainer. 


pourover coffee kalita

Some Pointers:

  1. Practice pouring technique - gentle & consistent water flow.
  2. Figure out the grind setting that will finish dripping in 2:15-2:45
  3. Weigh everything. Use a ratio - weight of beans : weight of water

Before you Brew:

Step 1: Prep your area

Coffee brewing station.jpg

Beans, brewer, server

Place paper filter in brewer, Set up the brewer over a cup or server, have your timer ready and beans out. 

Step 2: Weigh Beans & Grind

weighing coffee beans

18 grams

Weigh out your beans, we choose 18g. But depending on your equipment, anywhere from 12g-20g is acceptable. The higher the dose, the larger the yield in the cup.


Step 3: Heat Water

Heat water for brewing coffee

92 Degrees

When the water is at temp, preheat the pouring device & rinse the paper filter with hot water (this gets rid of any papery taste being in the cup.) REMEMBER: Dump the remaining water

Step 4: Add Coffee 


Evenly distribute

Gently pour the ground coffee into the paper filter, settle it evenly and place on the scales. Set scales to ZERO and get ready to brew!

Coffee should be around the coarseness of sand, but can very quite a bit. 

The Brewing Process

Step 1: Bloom

bloom the pourover coffee

Start the timer

Gently pour double the volume of water over the coffee. in our case, 36g water. Leave until the 30second mark


Step 2: First fill

First fill pourover

30 seconds

Gently pour a further 79g of water in a circular motion covering all the wet grounds to an accumulated volume of 115g.


Step 3: Incremental Fills


1:00 minute

Begin pouring the main brew. gentle pouring in a circular motion

190g @ 1:00
260g @ 1:30

Step 4: Drip it out


1:30 - 1:45

Step away from the vehicle. All things going well, the coffee will finish dripping between 2:15 - 2:45
<2:15 make grind finer
>2:45 make grind coarser