Kenya 'Lena' - Filter Roast

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Kenya 'Lena' - Filter Roast


Tasting Notes:
Tangerine, tropical fruits & black-current

Filter Roasts are done every Wednesday.

We carry a limited amount of stock per week. This is available to ship and will be rotated out with a new roast & origin each week. 

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Country: Kenya
Bean Grade: AA Premium
Acidity: High
Body: Full
Flavour notes: Tangerine, tropical fruits & black-current.

Kenya AA ‘Lena’

This coffee is a standout, and entails all that one would look for from a good Kenyan. With burnt sugar and tangerine on the nose, It opens up with a punchy acidity that moves to a velvety, black-current, winey finish as it lingers on the palate. Overall this is a highly aromatic and bright coffee.