Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 1 - Filter Roast

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Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 1 - Filter Roast


Tasting Notes:
Blueberry with hints of chocolate. Orange-like acidity and a sweet floral finish.

Filter Roasts are done every Wednesday.

We carry a limited amount of stock per week. This is available to ship and will be rotated out with a new roast & origin on a regular basis. 

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Location:     Sidamo/Guji, Kebele-Chire
Estate:         Collection of small farms on volcanic soil.
Elevation:     1950m
Varietals:     Heirloom
Process:      Natural

This Grade 1 Heirloom coffee from the Sidamo region in Western Ethiopia does nothing but bring a sparkle to our eyes. From a small collection of farms resting a comfortable 1950m above sea level, the nutrients of the volcanic soils together with the beans going through the natural process, brings about a delightfully rich, sweet and juicy Ethiopian that’ll keep coffee lovers coming back for more. This coffee is all about the blueberry. Surrounded by an orange-like acidity, notice the development of subtle chocolate notes followed by sweet florals on the finish.